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With over 40 years of experience, Larry Mohr is an expert at making sure customers are satisfied. His many years of experience overseeing construction projects includes residential, commercial, agricultural and equestrian buildings of all types and sizes.

Larry’s business philosophy is simple: provide quality materials and workmanship with great service and detail for all types of customers. 

In his nearly 30 years as a Wick Buildings partner, Larry has completed many projects in Bartholomew, Shelby, Johnson, Brown, Decauter, Marion, and Rush counties. Larry is proud of how the many great projects his company has completed, and you can be confident that he understands the value of a satisfied customer.

Steel Hardness Matters

A common measure of steel strength is hardness. It’s like the difference between a hard candy and licorice of the about the same size…both are made primarily of sugar but one is much harder than the other and more apt to break your tooth!

In post-frame construction there are several different types of steel available for exterior roof and sidewall steel. Some builders use a softer (30,000 PSI tensile strength) but slightly thicker 26-gauge steel – more akin to the licorice mentioned above. And some builders use slightly thinner 29-gauge full-hard steel (80,000 PSI hardness) which is more like the hard candy mentioned above.

What’s critical to understand is that the full-hard steel is twice as impact resistant as 30,000 PSI commercial-grade steel. You’ll appreciate that when hail falls on the roof or the mower throws stones at the wall – fewer dents! Wick uses only full-hard steel, 82,000 PSI hardness or better for exterior wall and roof panels.

Meet our team

Family Owen and Operated for over 40 Years
Josh Mohr
President and Project Manager

Josh Mohr has worked in the family business virtually all his life.

Josh Mohr has worked in the family business virtually all his life. He learned the trade from his father, Larry, being by his side on job sites from a very early age.

After High School, Josh took a break from the business to study at college. Upon finishing this era of his life, Josh returned to work along side his dad once again.

In 2014, Josh took over the ownership and direct management of LMC and is successfully building on his dad’s reputation by continuing the building of quality Wick’s Post construction buildings.

Josh is stands ready to help you with your Post Construction projects.

Larry Mohr
Vice President and Project Manager

Larry Moir started in the building trades over 40 years ago and has been a Wick’s post construction builder for over 35 years.

Larry Moir started in the building trades over 40 years ago and has been a Wick’s post construction builder for over 35 years. Larry has developed a reputation as a quality builder whose standards are second to none.

The association with Wick’s Buildings has proved to be the perfect marriage of a quality product joined to a quality builder. Larry has always put the customer first.

In 2014, Larry turned over to the business to his son, Josh. He is confident that the legacy he has started is in good hand going forward.

Nancy Mohr
Secretary / Treasurer

Nancy has been with the company since it's inception and provides support for scheduling and business related services.

Nancy has been a part of LMC site since it’s inception some 40 years ago. She has always played an integral part in the day-to-day business operation handling general office duties and scheduling for the LMC building projects.

Nancy is blessed and proud to be the mother of 2 children… Josh, who is now the President of LMC and a daughter, Joanna Yeend, who lives in the area with her husband Rob.

Rob’s business, Brammer and Yeend, is LMC’s accounting firm. If you are in need of superior accounting services, contact them at brammerandyeend.com.

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