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Larry Mohr Construction provides a wide range of construction services for agricultural, commercial, suburban and equestrian buyers.

Need a simple garage or a turn-key commercial building? Larry Mohr can provide anything from just the structure and shell to arranging for all aspects of the project including: 

  • Excavation
  • Concrete
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Floor coverings
  • HVAC
  • Interior drywall, finishing and trim


Keeping Rust Away

Galvanizing on the steel roof and sidewall panels is your first defense against rust and keeps your building attractive for long time. And the more galvanizing on your steel panels, the better!

Steel companies refer to the amount of galvanizing on steel by “G” level. The most common types used in non-coastal areas (no exposure to ocean/salt water) are G-40, G-60 and G-90. The number after the G is a relative amount of galvanizing applied to the steel. For example, G-90 steel would have twice the amount of galvanizing as G-45 steel. Some builders offer options, with G-60 being their standard for exterior steel and G-90 as an upgrade.

Keep in mind that G-90 has 50% more galvanizing than G-60 steel, and thus 50% more corrosion protection. Wick uses only G-90 for all exterior steel panels, and G-40 is used on interior liner panels.

We Specialize In:

Simple garages to a complex commercial campus of buildings, we can provide a turn-key solution or shell package to fit your needs.
Warehouses and Mini Storage
Machine shops and cold storage
Office, Workshops and Sheds
Riding arenas and stall barns
Beef confinement and dairy
Garages and residential

We are your Custom Builder for a variety of building needs

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